We need to change the health culture of Aussie men

Men account 75% of preventable deaths under the age of 70 in this country and reluctance to seek medical help is one of the main factors.  A single conversation can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

We’ve put together some great resources to help you learn more about your health.  Our medical team will always lend an understanding ear – no matter how personal the theme – so be sure to check in with your doctor regularly.

Help is here if you’re struggling with your mental health

Research shows that men are less likely to seek help for mental health than women.  1 in 8 Aussie men experience depression in their lives and 1 in 5 suffer from anxiety and we need to get better at talking to one another when things aren’t going well.

Mensline Australia is a great website if you want mental health info specifically for guys, as well as great content related to relationships, fatherhood and other important themes.  They also offer counselling, with phone and online services available.

Our mental health page has more info and management tips.  If you need emergency assistance, please contact crisis services such a Lifeline (call 13 11 14 ) or Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636), or call 000 for emergency services.

Find out more about our Mental Health Services.

Know the risks of Prostate Cancer

Cancer is one the key causes of death for Aussie guys.  For more information about skin cancer and other cancers which affect both men and women, see our Preventative Health Page.

Prostate Cancer the third-most common cancer for Australian men, with up to 20,000 new diagnoses each year.  It is difficult to detect and doesn’t have as precise a screening process as other cancers, however, the good news is that survival rates are high when it is detected early.

There are a few factors which make some men more likely to suffer than others;

  • Age – the rate of prostate cancer increases significantly over the age of 65.
  • High testosterone levels
  • A family history of cancer – not limited just to prostate cancer. That said, those with an immediate relative who has suffered from prostate cancer prior to turning 60 are considered particularly vulnerable.

Generally, the symptoms of prostate cancer emerge when urinating.  If you notice a weak stream, need to urinate more frequently than usual, experience pain or notice blood in your urine or semen, you should speak to your doctor straight away.  Other symptoms include back and pelvis pain and weakness in the legs or feet.

There is no one single way to diagnose prostate cancer.  Your doctor may recommend a few different courses of action for your situation, laying our the risks and benefits in each case.

The Cancer Council, Cancer Australia and Prostate Cancer Foundation have loads of info if you’re interested to know more.

Find out more about our Health Check Services.

Don’t put off addressing sexual health


When do I need to get checked for Sexually Transmitted Infections?

There are over 20 different STIs that can be passed with sexual activity.  Many are asymptomatic, making regular checks vital.

To keep it simple – if you’re sexually active, you should get an STI check every 6 months.  This applies even if you’re with a long-term partner, though it’s also a good idea to get an STI check when you start seeing someone new.  If you or your partner notice any symptoms then please see your doctor straight away, you can learn more about the most common STIs and their symptoms on Health Direct.

STI checks are completely confidential and safe procedures.  They often involve simply taking a urine sample, though in some circumstances an oral or anal swap may be required.  Your doctor will help you through the process and your privacy will always be maintained.


What are the main causes of impotence?

At any given time over 1 million men around the country are struggling with erectile dysfunction.  It’s a common problem with common problems and – thankfully – common remedies, so you shouldn’t be concerned to discuss it with your GP.

Ageing is the most common cause, though physical causes also include conditions such as nerve damage and diabetes as well as behavioural factors such as smoking and drinking alcohol.  Less spoken about are the mental causes, which include stress, sexual anxiety, and relationship issues.   Health Direct and Healthy Male both have more information.


We get it.  Talking to a doctor about certain body parts is more uncomfortable than others, but it doesn’t make it any less important.  Healthy Male is a great page for all matters related to sexual health.

Get the support that you need

Get in touch with our supportive team of GP’s and start your journey toward better health.

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