Dietary health is often presented in a really complex way, with an impossibly long list of different nutrients, minerals, and other elements that cause a lot of confusion.

Whilst everyone’s circumstance is different, there are some basics of positive eating that we should all keep in mind.  The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating provides a really simple overview of the 5 core food groups that you should eat every day, as well as the things that you should try to reduce.

Above all, eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day.  Research from the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing has found that less than 10% of Aussie adults are eating the recommended amount of veggies, changing this one metric alone will have huge benefits for our community.

Beware of bad information about food

There is a huge amount of misinformation about food circling the internet nowadays, often peddled by people who are unqualified or trying to sell quick, unrealistic products and solutions.

It’s important to always check that things you hear are supported by reputable sources. Eat For Health is a great page to refer to and of course your doctor will always welcome any questions or concerns that you have.

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitian Stefanie Lekkas has pulled together this quick video about some of the key questions she receives from her patients, breaking down what’s true and what isn’t.

Healthy Eating Hacks

Yoghurt – The Healthy All-Rounder

Yoghurt is a great addition to a healthy diet, with its combo of calcium and nutrients shown to reduce the risk of a host of serious health conditions.  The challenge is that commercial products are often loaded with sugar, undoing a lot of the good work.

Don’t worry though, there’s an easy fix.  All you need to do is buy plain, low-fat yoghurt and mix it with a little something yourself to make it more flavoursome.  This provides a delicious breaky with way less sugar than flavoured yoghurt off the shelf.

The possibilities are endless, but here are some of our favourites.

Weekday Winners

Amongst the rush and stress of the working week it can often be easy to put good health to the side and eat food which is quick but unhealthy.  Some easy tips to follow to avoid these situations are;

  • Plan ahead – Write out a quick plan for the week and cook in advance where possible, roast veggies are a great option to cook in bulk and use throughout the week.
  • Don’t skip meals – Missing meals is bad for you and can easily become a habit. Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and keep snacking to a minimum.
  • Have some easy go-to recipes – Have a couple of healthy recipes up your sleeve that you can produce quickly when needed. Here’s a video of one that we love, a simple salmon pasta that takes just 20 mins to create and is packed with healthy goodness.  Use cannellini beans if you’re after a vegetarian option



Looking for more quick, healthy weekday recipes?  This guide from Delicious Australia is a great place to start.


We’re here to help

Interested to speak to an expert about positive eating and dietary health? Our doctors are always on hand to help and we have an Accredited Practicing Dietician where more specialised assistance is required.


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