We’re passionate about looking after the children in the Canberra region. Every day our team of doctors and health professionals see conditions in adult patients that relate directly back to their childhood. We want to see much less of it a generation from now.

Raising kids can also be overwhelming and health information can  become complex and confusing. We’ve put together some easily digestible info from reputable sources to help you make educated health decisions with and on behalf of your children.

Create healthy habits from a young age

There are some easy things you can do early in your child’s life which will have long-lasting advantages for their health.


  1. Get vaccinations – they’re safe and proven to protect your kids against illness, including the flu. Have vaccinations done in line with National Immunisation Program schedule, noting that is slightly different for Indigenous kids.
  2. Make sure they’re eating healthy foods – Fresh fruit and veggies are an everyday essential, with research suggesting only around 3% eat them sufficiently. Healthy Eating For Children provides a handy overview and the Healthy Kids Association has more detailed advice.
  3. Encourage exercise and reduce screen time – Kids need to be active, physically and socially. Refer to these guidelines for young kids and children aged 5-17, and the Australian Institute of Sport’s “Tiny Trainer” program has great ideas to exercise as a family.
  4. Monitor Mental Health – Up to half of all mental health problems experienced by adults begin prior to the age of 14.  Beyond Blue can help you recognise symptoms early and take the right action.

Looking after yourself is one of the best ways to take care of your kids

Children learn by copying.  Sadly this extends to our bad habits, and if you’re not taking the time to attend to your own health this might affect the little guys as well.

There is a wealth of online info to help you make informed parenting decisions, including knowing when it’s best to make time for self-care.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby – Covers the full journey from family planning, to pregnancy and early parenting and is backed by credible medical information.

Raising Children – Is basically an encyclopaedia on parenting info, including podcasts, webinars and other interactive resources.  The Looking After Yourself section is a must read if you want tips on balancing your own health with that of your kids.

ParentLine ACT – is a free helpline for any questions you have on parenting, or simply if you’re feeling worn down and need to talk to someone.

Make time for your passions and listen to your friends and family if they notice that you’re not quite yourself.  You can talk to your doctor at any point if you feel unsure or stressed.

Adolescence is a game changer

The teenage years come around quickly, and before you can say “don’t they just grow up so fast?!” your little treasure will be going through puberty.  This brings lots of physical and emotional change as well as fundamental changes to the parent-child relationship.

Health Direct – has a comprehensive guide to the health conditions which affect teenagers, from acne to mental health.

Reach Out – is the authority on teenage mental health in Australia, with information specifically for parents who are concerned for their kids.

We’re here to help

From infancy through to the teenage years, our team of GPs and allied health professionals are here to look after the health of your family.




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