Patient Identification

It is very important the patients are correctly identified in our medical record system when they attend a clinic. This is to minimise the risk of using incorrect records which could have harmful repercussions.

As part of our accreditation requirements, our reception staff MUST ask three identification questions when you present at our clinics. We will usually use your name, date of birth and address as the identifiers.

We understand that this may be frustrating, especially for regular visitors but ask for your patience and understanding. These questions are to ensure we have the correct patient booked for the appointment.

Zero Tolerance of Abuse

The National Health Co-operative is committed to providing a safe, healthy, secure and respectful environment through the prevention of violent, abusive and aggressive behaviour. The National Health Cooperative has a Zero Tolerance policy for all forms of abuse.

We reserve the right to take appropriate measures, which may include requesting you to leave or legal action if the policy is violated.

Child Supervision

The National Health Co-operative strives to provide medical services and facilities to encourage children of all ages to visit, and to ensure that they have a positive experience whilst receiving medical treatment.

When children are attending the clinic, it is the responsibility of parents to supervise their children. Parents may designate a responsible person (over the age of 16) to act as their guardian for a child whilst in the clinic. The clinic does not provide day care services and may need to interrupt consultations if and when an unattended child becomes disruptive.

As part of provision of quality clinical service we require all consulting rooms and waiting areas to be clean. Please assist us to keep these areas clean by refraining from consuming food and drinks during the time you are with the doctor or in the waiting room.

Allied Health Confirmation

Due to increased demand for psychologist and other allied health appointments and the continued practice of a many clients either not attending, or cancelling too late for other patients to be give the appointment,  the National Health Co-operative has instituted a confirmation policy. We will attempt to contact you 48 hours prior to your appointment. Should you not confirm this appointment by 12 noon the day prior to your booking, your appointment will be cancelled and given to another patient on the cancellation list.

To enable the National Health Cooperative to continue to provide Allied Health services, including psychology, there will now be a fee of up to $100 (incl GST) for late cancellations (less than 24 hours) and for patients who do not attend their appointments. This represents the Medicare payment amount.

You will be unable to make any appointments with any Doctors, Nurses or Allied Health Services offered by National Health Co-operative until this fee is paid.

On 21 June 2021, Michael Slaven and Aaron Torline were appointed Administrators of the National Health Co-operative Ltd.
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