Book Your Telehealth Appointment Today

All National Health Co-op doctors can provide you with a Telehealth appointment, with bookings now available online. There are no restrictions or criteria for members making a Telehealth booking.

You can choose your regular GP or any other NHC GP.

To make your Telehealth appointment online book now or call us (02) 6178 0400

Things you will need for a Telehealth appointment:

  • Video appointments are preferred. You will need Skype downloaded on your phone or computer.
  • Please enter your Skype ID details when you make a booking online or tell our Reception team.
  • If you cannot do a video call we may be able to do a phone call, but it is always better to see you.

What else?

  • Please advise the best way to make a prescription or relevant referral available if you need one –  e.g. post, pick up from clinic, fax to pharmacy.
  • And remember, you can’t use Skype or the phone numbers to message the doctor after your appointment as these accounts are not monitored.

Of course if you need to attend the clinic for a face-to-face appointment you can do that too, provided you are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have you been in contact with someone in the last 14 days who has contracted the virus. There may be instances where your doctor recommends you come into the clinic for a face-to-face consultation. This will depend on your situation and the doctor’s clinical judgement.

And don’t forget all our clinics are open and all our staff are working. We’re always here to help.


For more information on COVID-19 management please visit: 




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