A dedicated team of female clinicians

Nearly half of our clinical team are women and we’re dedicated to supporting female GPs. NHC members can bulk bill their appointments and access a broader range of procedures.

Cancer Screenings

Over 65,000 Australian women are diagnosed with cancer each year and proactive screenings allow for early detection and action.

Our members can access bulk billed cervical screenings and skin checks and our doctors can help with further screenings for the likes of breast and bowel cancer.

Contraceptive Insertions

Implanon Insertions are available for NHC members.  Speak with your GP if you’d like a professional opinion on which is best for your circumstance.

Implanon Insertions are bulk billed and available with select clinicians across.  Whilst we don’t currently offer Mirena Insertions, all of our doctors can assist with Mirena removals.

Call us on (02) 6178 0400 if you’d like to book in for these procedures.


Maternal Care

We’re here to look after both you and your child.

Whether it’s for health advice on family-planning, monitoring during pregnancy or postnatal care, our expertise covers all of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of pregnancy. All of our consultations are by appointment only, meaning you can have continuity of care with a great bulk billed GP right throughout the process.

STI checks

If you’re sexually active you should see your doctor for a check-up every 6 months.
You can always speak to your doctor in confidence and they’ll take the time to listen and understand. Where appropriate, they can also help with screenings for chlamydia and a range of other infections.


Don’t tackle the challenges of menopause on your own.  Our doctors can guide you through the process, help you understand what’s happening with your body, monitor the symptoms, and advise you on which treatment options are best for you.

Body changes that occur during menopause can also increase the chances of serious health conditions later in life.  Your GP will track this closely, and where appropriate recommend health checks to make sure you’re protected.

Bulk Billing women’s health services in Canberra

We provide bulk billed GP services to members at our 8 clinics across the ACT. This covers standard GP appointments, health checks and many vaccinations, with just a few detailed procedures incurring an out of pocket cost. Non-members can access standard GP appointments for $70.

Affordable family healthcare

Unlimited bulk-billed healthcare for you and your family all year round as a member.

Bulk billed by appointment

Forget long wait times, get access to a bulk billed GP at a time that suits you.

More than a doctor

We are a not-for-profit, cooperative organisation. Members have ownership and ensure that the local community benefits.

Stay informed about Your Health

Our team of GPs and allied health professionals share their favourite tips and resources to help you look after your everyday health and wellbeing.


Maternal Health


On 21 June 2021, Michael Slaven and Aaron Torline were appointed Administrators of the National Health Co-operative Ltd.
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