Education Programs

Public education

One of the National Health Co-op’s objectives is to lessen the personal and societal impact of chronic conditions.

One way we achieve this is through delivering free targeted information sessions on a variety of public health topics such as:

Sessions are held regularly and typically last for between 60 and 90 minutes. Topics are selected in response to community feedback and designed to maximise public benefit.

A list of our upcoming information sessions is available on our Information Session page.

Targeted programs

The National Health Co-op holds a number of targeted education programs each year. One of these programs is the nationally recognised Lifestyle Modification Program (LMP).

Lifestyle Modification Program

The Lifestyle Modification Programs (LMP) is a FREE nationally recognised program that provides individuals with tools to help manage chronic disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The programs runs for either 6 or 12 weeks.

The LMP is currently the subject of an academic study in partnership with the Australian National University to evaluate three different approaches to delivering programs and tools that assist individuals achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage chronic diseases.   

This program is held four times per year and has been designed for members who:

More information about the Lifestyle Modification Program is available here.