Healthy eating is a vital ingredient for good health

To say “you are what you eat” might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely true that what you choose to put on your plate is a big factor in your health. Eating healthy food gives you energy to take on your day, whereas an unbalanced diet can leave you feeling flat and over time increase the chances of serious conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

We believe in the power of positive eating. Forget fad diets, synthetic chemical solutions and unnecessary guilt, our approach focuses on sustainable dietary habits to keep you healthy and happy.

Your doctor can help you with the fundamentals

Our GPs and nurses are trained on good dietary practices and how they impact your health. During a check up or other consultation with our medical team the clinician will often talk with you about the food you eat and advise on any opportunities to improve your diet.

Crucially, they also understand the relationship between your diet and health complications down the line. They will be able to let you know how your food choices today might cause you problems in the future, and where appropriate will recommend additional tests or screenings to fully understand the level of risk.

Check in with you doctor at any stage if you wish to know more about food and diet, including the mental side of positive eating.

Canberra Dietetics Services at the NHC

For more specialised assistance, your doctor may refer you to see our Accredited Practicing Dietitian Stefanie Lekkas.

Don’t let the title fool you, dietetics isn’t about crash diets or trying to shed kilos in the last week before your wedding. Stefanie is passionate about positive eating and gut health and works closely with your GP to create plans for ongoing good health that are tailored to your situation. She is an expert at working with patients who are managing conditions like high cholesterol and osteoporosis, has extensive knowledge about allergies and intolerances and can also help parents establish healthy eating habits for their kids.

Stefanie works at the Higgins and ANU clinics.  Bulk billing is available strictly for NHC Members with a valid care plan, otherwise appointment costs apply.

Stefanie Lekkas


Dietetics Appointments can now be booked online

Appointments with Stefanie can now be booked online at ANU and Higgins, for both new and existing patients.

ANU (Mondays and Tuesdays):     Book Appointment

Higgins (Wednesdays and Thursdays):     Book Appointment

Bulk Billing dietetics services in the ACT

We have an Accredited Practicing Dietician available to members, supporting our team of GPs to promote positive eating and manage dietary health.

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Basics of positive eating

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