All the support you need during the early years

It’s important to get regular check-ups with you doctor early in your child’s life. There are also a couple of essential consultations to allow them to grow healthily.

6-week check: Your doctor will undertake a thorough review of your child’s health and make sure their development is on track. This comprehensive check includes physical assessments of their size, weight and movement, a respiratory review, and tests for social responsiveness. Your doctor will explain the results to you and plan follow up appointments where required.

Vaccinations: The National Immunisation Program provides free, essential vaccines to all Aussie kids, and annual Flu Vaccinations are highly recommended from the age of 6 months. Learn more on our Vaccinations page.

Of course, this is a demanding time for parents as well. Track your own health – physical and mental – and speak with your doctor if you’re not feeling your best.

Maintaining good health as they head off for school

All schools in the ACT are well integrated with the health system, meaning that many important health checks for school-aged children go out of the clinic and into the classroom. Our doctors offer are an extension to these services to keep your kids healthy and safe.

Kindergarten Health Check

All children receive a free health check during their first year at school, covering height, weight and other physical assessments as well as vision and hearing.
If for any reason your child is unable to attend the assessment at school we can do it at the clinic, or if any questions or concerns arise from the results your doctor will be able to recommend appropriate action.

Vaccinations: The National Immunisation Program continues for school-aged children. Whilst many of the vaccines will be administered at school, it’s important to be familiar the schedule and speak to your doctor if you’re unclear.

The teenage years bring new physical and emotional challenges

Many young people start to become disengaged with the health system during adolescence, right at the point when their bodies and minds are going through a huge series of changes. Regular check-ups with a doctor help teenagers develop into adulthood with good health.

Mental Health

Over 20% of Aussie teenagers show symptoms of mental illness, and for many this also starts a bad habit of avoiding professional help. Our team of caring mental health experts guarantee respect, privacy and understanding for young people who are looking for support.

STI checks and sexual health

If you’re sexually active, you need to get checked every 6 months.

We know that the first time can seem intimidating but there’s no need to stress – our team will guide you through the process and privacy is always guaranteed.

GPs at all of our clinics can assist with STI checks and broader advice around sexual health.

    Bulk Billing children’s health services in the ACT

    We provide bulk billed GP services to members at our 8 clinics across the ACT and Yass. This covers standard GP appointments, health checks and many vaccinations, with just a few detailed procedures incurring an out of pocket cost. Non-members can access standard GP appointments for $70.

    Affordable family healthcare

    Unlimited bulk-billed healthcare for you and your family all year round as a member.

    Bulk billed by appointment

    Forget long wait times, get access to a bulk billed GP at a time that suits you.

    More than a doctor

    We are a not-for-profit, cooperative organisation. Members have ownership and ensure that the local community benefits.

    Stay informed about Your Health

    Our team of GPs and allied health professionals share their favourite tips and resources to help you look after your everyday health and wellbeing.

    Healthy Habits for kids

    Health advice for parents

    Teenage Health

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