Stay on top of important health checks and vaccinations

As the risk of chronic disease increases, so to do the number of health checks and government programs in place to help ward them off.  This includes heart checks, cancer screenings, bone density assessments for osteoporosis and vaccinations for Flu, Shingles and Pneumococcal.

The Health Assessment for a person aged 75 and over is a free health check that covers all the core components of aged health, including physical and mental wellbeing and a review of any medications you are using.  This is available to all NHC members and can be booked in at any of our clinics by phoning (02) 6178 0400.

Important health considerations for seniors

Have your balance checked and stay on your feet

Falls increase with age, due to sensory decline, reduced lower leg strength and other factors. Be proactive and book in an appointment with your doctor so they can check your balance and diagnose any symptoms which may lead to falls in the future.

Annual assessments are mandatory if you wish to keep driving after the age of 75

Around eight weeks before your birthday you’ll receive a letter saying your license is up for renewal, with a form for your doctor.  Simply book an appointment with your GP and bring the form with you and they’ll go through all the necessary steps to ensure your safety on the road.

Get a referral for the My Aged Care program

If you’re considering moving to an Aged Care facility, the Government’s My Aged Care system connects you with the information and care that’s right for you. Our doctors can review your health and upload a referral into the portal, to make sure you get support that’s appropriate for your situation.

Our doctors can help outside of the clinic as well

We know that for many it’s hard to get in to see the doctor and work with Aged Care providers to extend our support to more of the community. We know that for many it’s hard to get in to see the doctor and work with Aged Care providers to extend our support to more of the community.

We currently offer services at the following Aged Care facilities in the ACT:

  • Calvary Haydon Retirement Community in Bruce.
  • Bill McKenzie Gardens in Page.
  • IRT Kangara Waters in Belconnen.
  • Kalparrin Aged Care Facility in Holt.
  • Ridgecrest Village in Page.
  • Villaggio Sant’Antonio in Page.

And in Yass, our GPs do visits at Yass Valley Aged Care and Thomas Eccles Gardens.

Interested to have the NHC team help out at your Aged Care facility? Contact us at [email protected] today to find out more.

Bulk Billing healthcare for seniors in the ACT

We provide bulk billed GP services to members at our 8 clinics across the ACT and Yass. This covers standard GP appointments, health checks and many vaccinations, with just a few detailed procedures incurring an out of pocket cost. Non-members can access standard GP appointments for $70.

Affordable family healthcare

Unlimited bulk-billed healthcare for you and your family all year round as a member.

Bulk billed by appointment

Forget long wait times, get access to a bulk billed GP at a time that suits you.

More than a doctor

We are a not-for-profit, cooperative organisation. Members have ownership and ensure that the local community benefits.

Stay informed about Your Health

Our team of GPs and allied health professionals share their favourite tips and resources to help you look after your everyday health and wellbeing.

Physical activity guide

Maintain social connections

Online resources

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