We’re different

The National Health Co-op (NHC) is a not-for-profit, non-distributing, member owned co-operative that provides affordable medical and healthcare services to the communities where it operates. Our overarching goal is to significantly reduce instances of preventable diseases and lessen the personal and societal impact of chronic conditions. 

Members are able to access a range of primary healthcare services at any NHC clinic in Australia at no or low cost. Comprehensive information on each service, including delivery locations and relevant clinicians is available below.

Our philosophy

As a non-distributing co-operative, we reinvest all our revenue back into the organisation for the provision of services to our members and for our continued growth across Australia.

Our model contrasts with the ‘corporate medicine’ model that has emerged in recent years which, like other corporate businesses, is run to generate a profit for return to shareholders. The NHC works on the principal that in areas critical to the success of a community, such as healthcare, a business model that directs its revenue to activities to benefit its members has the ability to not only uplift those members, but also affect significant social and economic change for the benefit of the entire community.


We offer the following services: