Your health matters to us

An overarching goal of the National Health Co-op is to significantly reduce instances of preventable diseases and lessen the personal and societal impact of chronic conditions. That’s why we regularly review our patients’ files to identify individuals who may benefit from additional clinical support.


Diabetes is a chronic disease requiring optimal management in order to reduce the risk of complications resulting from poor control of the disease.

Long term, optimal management of Diabetes (type I & type II) is critical to reducing potential complications which include heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, diabetic foot and limb amputations, eye complications leading to vision loss and other complications.

Target levels of blood sugar (HBA1C), blood pressure and cholesterol levels in people with diabetes are individualised depending on age and presence/absence of other co-existing medical conditions/existing complications.

The NHC strongly encourages optimal management of diabetes including regular reviews with relevant clinicians and management of sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Achieving the target levels would help reduce complications.

Our members with diabetes are invited to book an appointment with their GP to discuss optimising the management of their condition.

Further information about diabetes is available from Diabetes Australia.