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An overarching goal of the National Health Co-op is to significantly reduce instances of preventable diseases and lessen the personal and societal impact of chronic conditions. That’s why we regularly review our patients’ files to identify individuals who may benefit from additional clinical support.


Asthma is a chronic disease affecting the small airways within the lungs. It can develop in childhood or later in life and while there is currently no cure for asthma, with the right knowledge and appropriate management, most people with asthma can lead healthy and active lives.

There are a number of different triggers for asthma. Although not everyone with asthma has allergies, asthma and allergies are closely linked. Family history of asthma is also a known risk factor for the disease. Certain modifiable risk factors including cigarette smoking, exposure to indoor/outdoor pollution (e.g moulds, dust mites, some irritant chemicals, pollens) can also trigger the symptoms of asthma.

Healthy lifestyle choices including healthy diets and regular exercise are important in the management of asthma. In some cases, medicines are required for the optimal management of asthma.

An integral part of asthma management is the development (with your doctor) and understanding of a written asthma action plan, which helps with timely recognition of worsening asthma and appropriate early intervention. If you would like to discuss the management of your asthma with a GP, please make an appointment.

Further information on asthma is available from National Asthma Council Australia.