The NHC is overseen by a Board of between seven and nine Directors elected by the members at its Annual General Meeting. The current Board comprises individuals with professional experience and academic qualifications in government, finance, business administration, law, health and community services.Ā  Read more about our board membersĀ here.

The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction, establishing effective governance, evaluating performance and assuring financial sustainability for the business.

Directors govern on behalf of the Members. All Directors must comply with basic legal requirements under theĀ Co-operatives National Law (ACT) Act 2017Ā which specifies four main duties for Directors with a number of other areas of key responsibility that include a duty to act in good faith and honesty, act with care and diligence, avoid a conflict of interest, not to abuse a corporate opportunity or misuse information, and not to trade while insolvent.

Information on the election of Directors and the nominations process is availableĀ here.

The NHC is governed by co-operative rules which can be foundĀ here.Ā 

An annual report is produced each year for the Annual General Meeting, covering the previous financial year.Ā  You can review previous annual reports here: 2018-19,Ā Ā 2017-18, 2016-17, 2015-16.