The National Health Co-op would like to welcome Dr Dinesh Mehra, who has recently joined our team of GPs at our Evatt clinic and has a special interest in dermatology.
Dr Dinesh Mehra has completed all training requirements of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in addition to a medical degree. Dr Dinesh Mehra has a special interest in dermatology (skin related conditions) and has completed his Certificate of Primary Care dermatology conducted by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
Services include: 
1. Skin cancer detection, prevention and treatment
2. General dermatology (Medical conditions related to skin , hair and nail with particular interest in management of acne, psoriasis and dermatitis including eczema)
3. Skin related procedures:
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen gas
  • Burning with diathermy of skin lesions such as skin cancers , benign skin lesions, skin tags and warts
  • Removal of ingrowing toenails
  • Removal of lumps and bumps